On the Twilight computer curse

Who’s sick and tired of Twilight? Actually, the question should be who isn’t sick and tired of the Twilight series. 

Let’s hope there’s no reboot, or a new series of books based on the characters when the frachise finally finishes up.

Not to mention, as a true horror fan, I don’t consider Twilight a genuine vampire story and it gives good bloodsuckers a bad name.


So having to deal with another Twilight onslaught coming this fall on November 16 with Breaking Dawn Part 2, and we’ve got all these reports in the news everywhere about Kristen Stewart’s affair, which are very hard to escape. (The Daily Mail has even dubbed Stewart “trampire.”)

As if all this wasn’t enough, now FoxNews tells us Twilight could actually screw up your computer, which only adds insult to injury.  Here’s the deal… Quite a lot of Twilight search results on the ‘Net are serving up contaminated results, likely coinciding with web traffic going up as a result of Kristen Stewart’s affair. 

As the site Twilighters reports, criminal and mischievous elements are also spreading Twilight-related scareware to try and get you to spend $80 for a fake cleanup of your computer. Remember, attacks like this also happened alongside Harry Potter, with attackers trying to make money off their worthless scareware programs.


All this makes perfect sense, because if you want to spread malware, you’ll hit popular search results, and as one expert told Fox, “The end effect is to push the malicious site up to the first or second page of the search engine.” 

So to the Twi-hards out there, please be careful, avoid anything that could potentially harm your computer, and especially avoid those loudly sobbing over the Kstew affair. It’s not going to give your computer a virus, but you’ll still want to avoid it like the plague.