Toys for the geek elite

We all thought at one point or another that we’d outgrow toys, but the fact is, most of the geek elite really never does.

Rather, the toys just become fancier and more expensive. 

In fact, I usually have my Mr. Potato Head (the Toy Story edition), and my Gort robot from the Day the Earth Stood Still figures nearby as I’m writing.

And one day I plan on buying the Mattel Godzilla and Shogun Warriors dolls again, especially since you can usually find them for decent prices on Ebay.

Recently, Collider ran a story about a collectors Heath Ledger Joker doll, the Joker 2.0 sixth scale figure from Hot Toys. As Steve Weintraub writes, “Like all Hot Toys figures, the head sculpt is hand-painted and it’s got over 35 points of articulation.”


Other hot toys from the aptly named company include the new Bat-pod from The Dark Knight Rises, Black Widow dolls from The Avengers and Iron Man 2, and a Nick Fury Sixth Scale figure, just to name a few. 

You can pre-order the Joker doll at, where it can be snapped up for $274.99, or be on payment plan where you shell out $68.75 a month. The estimated shipping date is December 2012.

On a related note, I was recently browsing through Facebook and came across a post where a friend of mine uploaded a picture of her Big Lebowski dolls, including Walter Sobchak, and I broke out laughing. 

I’d dearly love to have the Walter doll on my desk, staring me down at me with his glower as I write, and he’d make a nice little reminder to keep working.

Fortunately, these dolls are much cheaper to collect, in the $20-40 dollar range, depending on where you look on the ‘Net, where you can apparently also purchase The Dude Bobble Head Doll. Seriously, whatever will they think of next? Wait, don’t answer that!