Will we see Saw again?

Although it didn’t top the box office charts, Cabin in the Woods was a lot of fun, and will likely find an even bigger audience on DVD and Blu-ray this September.

And although Prometheus received mixed reviews, it did perform well at the box office. So while original quality horror hasn’t been in abundance in a while, the genre’s still seems to be in fairly good shape.


Over a decade ago, Saw was a fairly original idea for a horror flick that definitely made waves when it came out in 2004, and while I don’t know if a franchise was intended from the get-go or not, it certainly spawned one, and got up into pretty ridiculous numbers, much like the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies did. 

There’s always a half-hearted effort to stop these films, Paramount really did want to end Friday the 13th with the fourth one, but of course after it made a ton of money, they figured out another way to bring ol’ Jason back.


Now in the age of reboots, we don’t even have to come up with some elaborate way to bring a horror character back, just remake him. So it probably isn’t very surprising at all to learn that Saw may indeed return courtesy of Lionsgate. From what I can gather, there are no official talks at the moment and so this is all very nebulous, at least at this stage.


As Bloody Disgusting tells us this could either be number eight in the series, or a complete reboot, which may make more sense in that it’s been a few years since Saw 3D, or they could just do another movie without an eight in the title, like Saw Reborn or something like that.


Again, the old joke in Hollywood is only the last sequel loses money, and Saw has made big bucks throughout the years. 

And with the Twilight saga finally coming to a close, could this be Lionsgate trying to set up another money-making franchise once the Bella and Edward cash cow stops?