The fashion of Hunger Games

All throughout the Olympics we’ve been seeing the commercials for the show Revolution, which will debut in September, and there was something already familiar about the show I couldn’t put my finger on.

Then it hit me: The girl looks like Katniss from Hunger Games, especially wearing her leather jacket.


When anything’s popular, we’re going see tons of take offs from it, and with Katniss embodying female power for so many young girls out there, you can absolutely imagine a lot of them wanting to dress like her. And with the upcoming DVD / Blu-ray release, the sequel coming next year, there’s several merchandising deals coming up, yet you wonder who would be hardcore enough of a fan to buy some of this stuff.


To coincide with the Hunger Games home video release, Target is offering leather jackets for $349, lithographs autographed by cast members for $699, and here’s the big one, a solid 14 K gold Mockingjay pin, which is going for $999. However, only 100 of each Hunger Games item are available, and you’ll have to buy them through (BTW, with all the archery in the film, it’s funny this is all through Target, no?)


So if you’ve got the big bucks and are willing to drop $699 for a lithograph, or a grand on the Mockingjay pin, the lithograph is available to buy on August 19, the pin on August 20, and the leather jacket, which is a big bargain in comparison, you can get on August 18. Each item is available to buy leading up to the film’s home video release on August 21.


There’s also a lot of other stuff available at Target that’s far more reasonably priced, but the items mentioned above are strictly for the die-hards who have to have ‘em. And as Cinema Blend commented “Though Lionsgate undoubtedly did a great job of making, releasing, and promoting the hell out of The Hunger Games, there have been more than a few instances along the way where they seemed to deliberately misunderstand the book’s messages for the sake of making a buck.”

Blend points out that last December there was also a line of nail polish in really gaudy colors, like the people in the Capitol would wear. Still, it will be interesting to see if any of those items are going to be worth mega-bucks down the road, a la Star Wars, or not. And if you gotta have one, you can also buy a regular Mockingjay pin on Amazon for $7, list price $19.99.