Dev ports Doom 3 to Android

One of my favorite “scary” FPS games of all times is Doom 3, which launched for the PC way back in 2004.

Doom 3 was one of those FPS titles that was a lot of fun to play, and never failed to make gamers jump at

least once when hellish looking monsters rushed out from the darkness. Now I think it would be fairly safe to say that a video game 2004 wouldn’t quite be up to the specs of modern titles, but even a graphics intensive game from 2004 has the potential of bringing a smartphone to an uncerimonious halt.

Although current-gen Android smartphones and tablets aren’t exactly up to the task of super intense 3D gaming, one undaunted (and dedicated) dev is working on porting Doom 3 to Google’s mobile platform.

Clearly, the game is still in the very early stages of development, as it takes Doom 3 nearly two minutes for the video game to load on an HTC Desire HD. Once the title does launch, there are no enemies or weapons with the player simply standing in an empty room with metal walls.

Once this demo stage loads, it does look pretty sweet from what I could tell watching the video, and the graphics, sans weapons or enemies, does seem fairly smooth at this point.

Unfortunately, there is no indication of when a final version of Doom 3 might turn up for Android gamers.