The Dark Knight vs Ted

The Dark Knight Rises has been the number one film in the country now for three weeks straight, and good, bad or indifferent, you knew it was going to make big bucks.

There are reports that the tragic shooting in Colorado has impacted the box office, which is certainly understandable, but again it’s still doing very well.


As The Hollywood Reporter tells us, The Dark Knight Rises hit the $300 million mark in twelve days, and the other films that hit that benchmark faster were, you guessed it, The Avengers, which made that much in nine days, and, other big surprise, The Dark Knight, which made $300 mil in ten days.


Total Recall did not fare well against The Dark Knight Rises, and it remains to be seen if Batman will still be on top against the next Bourne film, which is coming on August 10. As far as the big boys this year, The Dark Knight Rises is in tird place right behind The Avengers at #1, and The Hunger Games at #2.


But as The Reporter also tells us, Batman’s had some serious competition from an unlikely source, a foul mouthed teddy bear. Seth MacFarlane’s Ted is now at $200 million domestic box office, and is now one of the highest grossing R-rated comedies in movie history.


We recently ran a story about how ratings can affect a movie’s box office, and you’ll notice the new Total Recall’s a PG-13, which didn’t help either way, but it’s good to see that a good R rated comedy can still do very well in the marketplace, and it will be interesting to see how Ted ultimately fares against Batman, even in merchandising, because as we also just reported, the official Ted dolls are coming this Fall.