Get your own Ted for the home

In a season where The Avengers and The Dark Knight are the big boys at the box office, Ted is surprising a lot of people. 

Yes, the comedy about the foul-mouthed teddy bear has been holding its own at the box office, especially considering it cost $50 million to make and has pulled in over $200 million so far.


As you can guess by now if you’ve read this far, there’s now talk of a sequel to Ted, and as Cinema Blend and The Hollywood Reporter tell us, Universal’s eager to do it if Seth MacFarlane’s willing to come back as well. He said he was “open to making Ted 2,” at Comic-Con, but the real story here is that you can have your own Ted for the home this fall.


As we’ve mentioned here many times before, merchandising has proved a huge boon for movies ever since Star Wars, and while Ted may not become the hot item this Xmas, especially for kids under a certain age, I’m willing to bet a lot of people will get one just for the fun of it. (Should make a great conversation piece for your home or office).

As Blend reports, there will be three different sized Teds you can buy, an 8-inch, 16-inch, and a 24-inch Ted, which will set you back $14, $34.99, and $59.99 (in size order of course). Apparently there’s not going to be a G rated version of Ted, but maybe demand from kids will create one, this is more of an adult toy because he’ll be saying, “C’mere ya bastard,” “I didn’t know you had a baby, is it alive?,” and “You know what I’d like to do to her? Something I call a Dirty Fozzie.”


So far, no word on this being available at Toys R Us, it’s probably not their “image,” but you can buy Ted at Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic and FYE in the fall. 

Maybe by then we’ll get word if there’s going to be a Ted 2, and why not? Seth MacFarlane’s a dynamo who’s practically an industry onto himself, I’m sure he can squeeze one more big project onto his schedule.