The Dark Tower cliffhanger continues

With so many movies being remade and rebooted, you probably can’t help asking yourself: “Didn’t I see this movie ten years ago?”

And now with the news of what’s going on with the Dark Tower movie adaptation, again, we wonder, didn’t we report this story a year ago? Well, looks like history’s repeating itself with the Dark Tower all over again, but with a different star – this time in the role of Roland Deschain.

Last summer, there was a big cliffhanger with The Dark Tower, which was slated to become a three part movie at Universal.

In addition to shooting the film  as a trilogy, there would also be a TV series that would fill in the gaps between films. Ron Howard, fresh off the Da Vinci Code movies, was slated to direct.

However, Universal was spending a lot of money on Battleship, which didn’t turn out to be money well spent, and the studio finally passed on the project after a big waiting game.


Now Deadline and Indie Wire are reporting that Warner Brothers will give the yea or nay on the project within the next two weeks.  Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, Batman and Robin), supposedly wrote a new screenplay for the film, probably geared towards a slightly smaller budget, but even so, this is still going to be a very ambitious project to take on, and we’re hoping Warners willing to risk it.


Now here’s the new twist in the story.  A year since the project was first waiting for a greenlight from Universal, there’s a new star aboard to potentially play Roland Deschain. At first, Javier Bardem was attached, but now it’s probably going to Russell Crowe. And where HBO was initially reported as a possible place to take The Dark Tower, and they could definitely handle a dark, risky, multi-part story, apparently HBO may have do the in-between series. (As Deadline points out, with HBO having great success with Game of Thrones, this could be a good match).


As Indie Wire points out, you really have to give props to Ron Howard for fighting for The Dark Tower this long, much like Dan Aykroyd will never say die on Ghostbusters 3, and it could indeed be a very rewarding epic story if Warner Brothers finally says yes. We’ll know the verdict in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned.