GameKlip turns your Android smartphone into a portable console

One of the biggest problems mobile gamers have with their smartphones are the controls, or lack thereof.

If you’ve ever played an Android game with virtual controls on the display, well, you probably know how irritating it can to have your thumbs blocking parts of the screen.

Plus, some of the tactile feedback is less than ideal for certain titles.

Still, if you like gaming on smartphones but want a real game console controller, you might want to check out a device dubbed “GameKlip.” As you can probably infer from the name, GameKlip links an Android smartphone to a Sony (Bluetooth/USB) PS3 controller.

GameKlip is currently available in several different styles and sizes, with a no-cable clip selling for $15 and +cable clip going for $23. As expected, the wireless version requires root access to your mobile phone, and the device has to be running the 6-axis controller app. The wired version, on the other hand, works natively with the Galaxy S3 and some other Android devices.

GameKlip is available now, and can be ordered here.