Video: A behind the scenes look at Halo 4 – Forward Unto Dawn

The long-awaited Halo 4 is launching later this fall. However, some of us are still disappointed that the  live-action movie set in the Halo universe never really got off the ground.

Nevertheless, we can be thankful that a live-action Halo web series will premiering on October 5 in the weeks leading up to Halo 4’s official launch date.

The first trailer for the live-action web series went live last month and gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from the series. Each episode of the web series will be 15-minutes long, with a new one airing each week.

Some new behind-the-scenes videos of the production of the web series have been offered up, including one showing how the Warthog chase scene was filmed. Yes, this is the very same Warthog that was constructed by Weta Workshop for the Hollywood movie that was never made.

The first video is a behind-the-scenes look into how the production crew filmed the chase scene using the Warthog. The production involved stunt drivers actually driving a working Warthog, and a tow rig used when the actors were manning the vehicle. Personally, I found it quite interesting that the production crew decided to use a “souped-up” Mercedes SUV with a crane camera rig on top.

The other videos include the original trailer for the web series and it makes Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn look like a big-budget Hollywood movie with raw behind the scenes footage. Frankly, I hope Hollywood is watching and sees what 343 Industries managed to do with Halo and live-action, so we can finally get the franchise into theaters.