Chewbacca headpiece sells for $172,200

A Chewbacca headpiece used in the original “Star Wars” trilogy sold for a cool $172,200 at a movie memorabilia auction this past weekend.

Described as the “finest screen-correct Chewbacca costume head from the Star Wars trilogy known to exist,” the piece features actual casts of actor Peter Mayhew’s closed eyes.

“It’s a good day for the Wookiee people on Kashyyyk, but seriously, iconic Hollywood props and costumes are finding their deserved places among pop culture collectors around the world,” auctioneer Joe Maddalena told the New York Daily News.

Other items to go under the geek auction hammer included a rare DLT-19 Bakelite blaster ($104,550), an E-11 Stormtrooper blaster ($43,050), a 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman costume ($79,950), Russell Crowe’s Gladiator chest armor ($58,425) and an X-Men Wolverine black leather battlesuit ($49,200).

In other genre auction related news, an eBay seller known as “tjcurtin1” is selling a US prototype of The Legend of Zelda for a whopping $150,000, along with a sealed copy of the retail release.

“This is a complete version to my knowledge,” tjcurtin1 explains. “And as far as I know [it] does not differ from the released version.”

As Joystiq points out, this means it lacks the differences found in the Famicom Disk System prototype that was released freely online – and is thus valuable solely as a collectible.