Hulu Plus hits Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV set-top box, you may be perfectly satisfied with the video streaming services the device supports, such as Netflix and YouTube.

However, if you are a Hulu Plus subscriber, you have probably long wondered why Cupertino was taking its sweet time offering streaming Hulu content on its Apple TV. After all, Hulu Plus has been available on the iPhone and the iPad for quite a long time already.

Fortunately, Infinity Loop is finally offering Hulu Plus on Apple TV – albeit rather quietly after a long wait.

As expected, users aren’t required to run a software update to access the new Hulu Plus – as the app should just appear the next time you access the set-top box. If you already have an account with Hulu Plus, all you need to do is launch the app and sign in. Users who don’t have a Hulu Plus account will be entitled to a free one-week trial.

Hulu Plus offers many of the same shows as Netflix and other streaming options, but the service also boasts access to back episodes from a number of classic shows, such as “Family Guy,” “Modern Family,” and “Glee.” With the addition of Hulu Plus, Apple TV now supports all major video streaming platforms.

Apple will also add a slew of digital goodies to its set-top box this fall when iOS 6 launches. Previews of the upcoming operating system show various new features, including the ability to change the order of icons on the home screen and enhanced AirPlay support.

Even though Apple considers its set-top box to be a hobby, the company has been quite good about adding new features in a steady cadence. In March of 2011, Apple TV was updated with streaming major league baseball and NBA game apps along with 5.1 surround sound support for Netflix. Streaming hockey games via the NHL, Wall Street Journal Live, Photo Stream, AirPlay Mirroring and iTunes Trailers were also added last October.