Video: 5th Cell details Hybrid multiplayer shooter

To be perfectly honest, Xbox Live Arcade video games don’t really catch my attention all that often.

There have only been a few digital download exclusive games for the Xbox 360 that I’ve ever really enjoyed, Mine Craft being one of them. However, a new title set to land next month on Xbox Live Arcade  has piqued my interest.

The game – coded by developer 5th Cell – is titled Hybrid and will officially launch on August 8 as part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade campaign.

You may remember Hybrid as the game was officially announced last year. However, it was ultimately pushed back to 2012 for a complete overhaul. Judging by the trailer, the overhauled Hybrid looks quite sweet with redesigned characters, new controls, revised game play mechanics, and a very interesting persistent online world war.

When a player starts a new game, he or she choose one of two factions to play: Variants or the Paladins. Personally, I think the coolest part of the game is the persistent world war theme. Essentially, players are placed on servers based on their actual physical location and can choose what war zone to fight in. The goal? To help your individual faction advance its front line until it can lay claim to dark matter.

Each side plays a season until one particular faction reaches 100 samples of dark matter. Once the 100 sample market is reached, the world map resets and a new season begins. All of your progress and upgrades throughout the season are saved and move forward to the next season when the map resets.