Ouya clinches Final Fantasy deal

It’s definitely been a busy couple of weeks for Team Ouya, which has thus far managed to raise a staggering $5,845,191 for its nascent Android-powered console on KickStarter.

First, the Ouya crew clinched a potentially lucrative deal with OnLive to stream PC-quality games over its upcoming system. The team also released new images of its slick Ouya controller, which, at least in terms of aesthetics, seems pretty impressive indeed.

And now Ouya and Square Enix Japan have confirmed plans to launch Final Fantasy III for the console when it hits shelves in March 2013.

Despite lingering concerns about its long-term viability, a number of industry heavyweights have expressed support for Ouya, including former Call of Duty bigwig Robert Bowling. 

Of course, the console has also attracted more than its fair share of detractors who question whether the platform will have sufficient horsepower to compete with next-gen systems from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Indeed, gaming God John Romero recently said he was less than optimistic about the chances of success for Ouya.

“I think it’s cool that they’re making a platform, but it’s not really the answer that’s coming from Apple about the next generation of consoles,” he opined. 

“[Essentially], there are two platforms: [iOS] makes money [and] is still very programmable, like the Apple II, and then the other is Android, which is a piracy platform, and you’re not doing anything new with it – you’re making a bigger phone that connects to your TV… [Plus], with all Ouya games being free to play you have to basically make a micro-transaction game to make any money on it.”