Ouya touts OnLive support, showcases console controller

I’m still more than a little dubious about the chances of success for the Android-powered Ouya game console.

Sure, because the nascent device runs Google’s versatile mobile OS you can obviously do a lot more than just play video games on it – but gaming will clearly be at the console’s core. My main problem with Ouya? There aren’t many Android titles that play well outside of their indigenous touchscreen environment.

However, Ouya has now confirmed its console will support OnLive gaming at launch, which should make the system slightly more appealing to the masses.

Remember, OnLive has been around for quite a while, and offers full versions of PC video games that stream over the web to your TV.

Indeed, OnLive offers hundreds of top-tier games which can be streamed to just about any device out there, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Granted, you’ll need a broadband connection up to the task of streaming high-quality video games to get the full effect, something which is probably quite doable even without Google Fiber.

In other Ouya related news, the company recently showcased the first frontal image of its new gaming controller. Frankly, it reminds me of the Xbox 360 controller, at least in terms of layout. It boasts two analog joysticks with one in the upper left, another on the lower right, along with a D-pad. The controller also features four round buttons and appears to have at least two shoulder buttons on top.

If you’re keeping track of how much money the Ouya has raised, it’s hovering at about $5.5 million right now. The Android-powered game console has also managed to clinch its own exclusive game title from Robotoki.