Team Abrams screenwriters rebooting Sleepy Hollow

Once again, we’ve got two competing projects in Hollywood, and oddly enough, they’re both competing Sleepy Hollows for television.

The legend of Sleepy Hollow made a decent movie with Tim Burton at the helm, and much like there is two Beauty and the Beasts in development for TV, now there’s a showdown between Sleepy Hollows.

In addition to writing the Transformers films, rebooting Van Helsing, penning The Amazing Spider-Man seque and the next Star Trek flick, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are also involved in one of the possible Sleepy Hollow reboots.

According to Deadline, the new series will be directed by Len Wiseman, who helmed Underworld and the upcoming Total Recall reboot. The show is expected to focus on a modern day Sleepy Hollow, with Ichabod Crane and a female sheriff investigating supernatural happening.

Now for the second one. TVLine tells us Grant Scharbo and Patrick MacManus, who wrote the show Missing, are also working on yet another Sleepy Hollow for TV, and again Ichabod’s around in modern day, but here he’s working for the FBI, headed into Sleepy Hollow to investigate somebody literally losing their head. 

The CW is looking into this version of Sleepy Hollow, while the Kurtzman / Orci one is being shopped around to the major networks to see who’s interested (the latest reports indicate that Fox has picked up the show).


Again, this could be a Hollywood game of chicken with who’s going to back out first, and who knows what spawned this current interest in the legend of the headless horseman. Beats the hell out of me, and why not do it retro like the movie? Oh wait, that can be the THIRD one someone’s going to try. So best of luck to whoever sells theirs first.