Battlefield 3: Armored Kill game play trailer is here

If you’re a big fan of Battlefield, you might want to check out the new expansion pack for the third installation of the popular franchise. 

The latest expansion pack is perfect for those who prefer fighting from a vehicle – as opposed to standard infantry-based combat with handheld weapons. So if you like flying an aircraft or driving a tank, this is the definitely the expansion pack for you.

The expansion pack is slated to touch down this September, and it’s been officially dubbed Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. The pack offers players access to new content, including a fresh lineup of vehicles and  assignments. Five new drivable vehicles will be available, including mobile artillery, tanks, ATVs, and more. There will also be 20 vehicle-specific unblocks, with players spawning in a new gunship.

Plus, the expansion pack offers a new game play mode known as Tank Superiority, in which heavy vehicles battle to control key areas on the map.

Lucky Battlefield 3 Premium members will have access to Armored Kill two weeks early, along with early access to  Battlefield 3: Aftermath set to launch in December and Battlefield 3: End Game coming in March 2013.

Battlefield Premium hit 800,000 subscribers earlier this month and sold an impressive 10 million copies on its launch day.