Comic prices jump thanks to The Avengers

Collectible comic sales have been going through the roof, especially those related to characters from The Avengers, such as Iron Man and The Hulk. 

With the insane success of The Avengers, and the sure to be dramatic success of The Dark Knight Rises, you get the feeling comic prices are going to climb even higher this summer.


As The LA Times recently reported, someone was asking $6,000 for Iron Man #55 at Comic-Con, and the dealer acknowledged, “I know that’s high – really high – but that’s next year’s price.”

Sure, you could have gotten it in decent condition a year or two ago for a mere $60. But because of The Avengers movie, the issue with the debut of Thanos is red hot right now.  Another dealer told the Times he sold a comic rated 9.4 for $1,200, but because Thanos is in the film, the issue’s value skyrocketed.

LA Times writer Geoff Boucher also noted that the next Marvel series poised to take off (in terms of pricing) is The Defenders – as Marvel is slated to make the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, where the superheros first appeared in issues 26-29 way back in 1975.


So with Batman coming back this week, and Superman returning next sumer, I’m particularly curious to see what DC comics could be getting snapped up by collectors, and what issues will go through the roof. 

One can’t help but wonder if records will be broken yet again, especially for the ultra-rare first Batman comics, however many are left.

And last, but certainly not least, how are the old Spider-Man issues selling in light of the successful Hollywood reboot?