Walking Dead zombie survival machine hits Comic-Con

A few weeks back we got a glimpse of what auto manufacturer Hyundai was planning for Comic-Con 2012 San Diego in conjunction with the creator of The Walking Dead.

However, we only had a tentative rendering of what the car would like look like when it was actually built and placed on display. The actual car was last week as Comic-Con kicked off – looking even cooler than the initial rendering led us to believe.

Yes, the zombie survival machine is a customized Hyundai Elantra Coupe designed by Robert Kirkman, the creator and writer of The Walking Dead.

The car – built by a company known as Design Craft –  is tricked out with a custom front end, zombie plow, spikes and armored window coverings. The car also features a roof hatch, and a trunk packed with electric and pneumatic weaponry. Other goodies include front and back floodlights, along with all-terrain tires.

I admit, I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the  survival machine when I first heard about it. But after seeing the vehicle, I think it probably could survive a zombie apocalypse, natural disaster or another end of the world scenario.