Netflix users trending away from movies to TV

If you have a Netflix account but don’t stream movies, you’re not crazy.

It’s a sign that the average attention span might be dwindling even more than it already has.

The latest metrics into user activity on video streaming giant Netflix’s platform reveal that TV content is quickly becoming a favorite among a fast-growing segment of the company’s users. Movies are still on top, but the gap is closing.

According to a Nielsen study released today, 19% of Netflix users prefer to stream TV shows instead of movies.

That is admittedly still very much a minority of users, but when you consider that just last year, that number was 8%, it’s clear that a trend is beginning to emerge. The amount of users who said they prefer streaming movies for the first time fell below 50%.

Last year, 53% of users said their preferred Netflix content was movies. This year, it was 47%. That leaves 35% of users saying they enjoy both forms of entertainment equally.

That number remained relatively unchanged (it was 36% last year). This clearly is a good sign as Netflix continues to work on expanding its original TV programming.

Shows like Lilyhammer, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Arrested Development all exist exclusively on Netflix.