Dark Knight Rises gets a 13 minute featurette

Of all the superhero movies hitting theaters this summer, The Dark Knight Rises is probably one of the most anticipated – and teased.

Warner Bros. is constantly pushing new trailers and other content from the Dark Knight, which opens on July 20. The latest from the caped crusader? A 13-minute featurette.


The featurette includes interviews with actors, as well as the director and his dedicated crew. Information on the (hitherto) enigmatic officer John Blake is also offered. As you may recall, Blake is the police officer whose annual officer performance review and evaluation was featured on a viral website earlier this month.

The featurette also discussed how some of the scenes in epic film were made. Personally, I really like that Christopher Nolan manages to convey a gritty feeling, rather than going cartoonish as in previous Batman movies in the franchise. While I don’t think this featurette gives away critical information, it does certainly offer a detailed look at various characters and the latest iteration of gothic Gotham.