Behind the mysteries of Falling Skies

I’m huge fan of the TNT science fiction series Falling Skies which is finally back on the air and even better than before.

Even though the new season recently kickedo off, we’re already learning some new details about the enigmatic Skitters and the harnesses they place on their captives.

Last season it looked like those harnesses were some sort of mechanical construct. However, one of the new episodes depicts the harnesses as a living slug-like creature. Apparently, Steven Spielberg’s inspiration for the harness was based on a movie from the 1950s titled “The Tingler.”

And now two short behind-the-scene Falling Skies featurettes have hit YouTube which offer some extra (and much-needed) background. One of the features is titled “From Horror Movie to Harness Factory,” while the other is dubbed “Unanswered Questions: Young Bloods.”

As noted above, it’s made very clear by the first featurette that the harnesses really did take a lot of inspiration from the 50s flick. I also suspect there may be some sort of (sentient) collaboration between the tall alien and the harness creatures.

The second featurette also discusses the harnesses, as well as the kids who showed up in a recent episode, including Weaver’s daughter. The writers of the show hint there could be serious repercussions for Weaver after being bitten by the harness bug.

Unfortunately, we are still left in the dark about Ben’s glowing spike. All in all, this is shaping up to be a very interesting season indeed, as Tom’s whereabouts are unknown and Pope’s future remains uncertain now that he’s been booted from the 2nd Mass.