Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus

The first alleged details of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus Blu-ray release have gone live on Amazon France.

One version of the Blu-ray is apparently packaged with the previous four Alien movies in a mega-set aptly dubbed “Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus.”

Prometheus itself may be spread across three discs, containing both 2D and 3D copies of the film as well as extras.

Additional content includes 15 minutes of deleted/alternate scenes, Ridley Scott audio commentary, along with the first and final drafts of the script in text format. 

The Blu-ray is also believed to feature four viral videos (including Peter Weyland’s full Ted talk), Ridley Scott’s sketches and Noomi Rapace’s screen tests. 

9 featurettes are expected to round out the three-disc Blu-ray Prometheus, offering an immersive 120 minutes of behind-the-scenes looks at the creatures, story and visual effects.

Although not officially confirmed, Prometheus on Blu-ray is expected to hit store shelves in mid-October.