The Dark Knight Rises goes viral

Warner Bros. has been doing a pretty sweet job generating slick viral campaigns and teasers for The Dark Knight Rises.

A number of fresh documents have surfaced as part of the latest teaser campaign at which point to new characters we haven’t heard of before, including a Gotham City police officer named John Blake.

The new teaser information is presented on a fictional two-page annual officer performance review and evaluation document.

It appears that Blake is a good officer – scoring mostly fours and fives with some threes mixed in when it comes to relationships with peers in the department.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the second page of the form displays a narrative written by Blake’s supervisor.

That narrative reads as follows: “Officer Blake shows great dedication and tenacity. He made an impact in his assigned beat by building effective associations within the local community. High marks for skills and conduct. Needs minor improvement in his relationships with fellow officers.

“His thoroughness tends to make him judgmental of colleagues’ performances and leads him to question authority. Officer Blake has made a request to be transferred to Narrows Division. Given his success in his previous detail, transfer should be granted. Need more officers like him.”

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to who Officer Blake is and what role he’ll play in the movie.

Additional viral content on the website includes non-sequential e-mail printouts between two Gotham Observer employees talking about John Daggett and Miranda Tate.

The e-mails also discuss a string of burglaries occurring in high-end penthouse apartments. We can assume Catwoman is responsible for those.

Don’t forget – a new trailer for the film also launched this week which focuses on the relationship between Batman and Catwoman.