Secret Marvel movie revealed

With the record breaking success of The Avengers, major studios are looking for more superhero properties to make into movies, and it would be especially lucrative if they could be brought together in a group. 

This is obviously why Justice League was brought out of development hell, and I expect to hear of a Superfriends revival any day with someone imitating Ted Knight’s voice: “Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice…”

So on the eve of Comic-Con, there is speculation on the ‘Net that a secret Marvel movie project would be revealed.

We know the studio has plenty in the pipeline to keep ‘em busy for a few years, including Iron Man 3, a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and the surely imminent announcement of the next Avengers flick.

But now the Hollywood Reporter and other media outlets have revealed that the secret movie is… Guardians of the Galaxy.

At least one website that covers all things geek guessed it beforehand, and it’s tentatively scheduled for a May 2014 release.

The Reporter says Guardians has a script that’s good to go, and since the Guardians travel through space, the writer of the script, Nicole Perlman, is a good choice.

She’s penned a Black Widow script, but even more important for Guardians is she’s written scripts about the Challenger space shuttle, and Neil Armstrong.


Here’s also a lesser known Marvel title that wouldn’t have the baggage and expectations of something as huge as Spider-Man, so if done right it could revive the title, and be a cool surprise for fans who only know the big boys in the superhero realm like Spidey and Iron Man.