Will The Amazing Spider-Man trump its predecessors?

The industry has been understandably skeptical about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. 

The series isn’t even that old, and now they’re starting over from scratch?

Heck, there was even a rumor going around about a Twilight reboot, but maybe someone meant that as a joke. Even so, we all know the remakes are coming in pretty hard and fast these days.

In any event, the reviews recently went live for The Amazing Spider-Man, and for the most part, they really are quite positive, which makes me want to see this particular iteration of the superhero ASAP. 

And why not? Just ask Cinema Blend, which recently headlined one report, “Why Spider-Man Absolutely Needed a Reboot,” but that’s pretty obvious. The last one was pretty lame, and the first one wasn’t great, but it was good enough considering it could have been a complete and utter disaster.


Frankly, Spider-Man 2 will always be the best in my book, and it’s a shame the film raised the bar too high for Spider-Man 3. Many called it the Empire Strikes Back of the series, which is a strikingly apt analogy, and I guess Spider-Man 3 was Return of the Jedi, or Episode One. 

As Cinema Blend notes, “A fourth Spider-Man building on the material left in Raimi’s wake would have been worse than Spider-Man 3,” although I won’t join in with the ubiquitous and tired Raimi bashing.


Yes, Spider-Man 3 left a lot to be desired, but Sam, the man who gave us The Evil Dead, was a great and unique choice to bring the superhero to life. I was hoping James Cameron would have a chance to do it at Fox, his treatment for Spidey was pretty good, and thank God it didn’t wind up in the hands of Michael Bay or Brett Ratner.

In short, it’s really nice to see Spider-Man getting a fresh start that could keep the series cycling for a long time. Like the saying goes about Hollywood, nobody knows anything, and if I was running a major studio, I wouldn’t have thought rebooting Spider-Man would have been such a great idea, but I’ll certainly be more than happy if I’m proven wrong.