Google TV takes a back seat at I/O

There is one Google platform that is notably absent at this week’s annual Google extravaganza.

Google TV. Many consumers who are willing to give the nascent operating system a second chance were hoping to see a major announcement that could put it back on the map.

Instead, the event has been dominated by news about the company’s augmented reality glasses and its new tablet in partnership with Asus.

In fact, Google TV was pretty much nowhere to be found in any of the company’s talking points.

But there is a glimmer of hope for the platform because Google has posted a couple announcements on the official Google TV blog.

While it’s nothing that will shatter the Google TV experience, it is at least welcoming to see something – anything – that proves Google is still working on improving this endeavor.

The biggest thing is that Google will be offering more premium content through Google TV, which exists both as a built-in operating system in some TVs as well as an external set-top box that acts like Roku or Apple TV.

Google also announced it would be updating the Google Play Store on Google TV, giving it a refreshed and more intuitive interface. And it promised that more manufacturers are securing products with Google TV right now.

So far, though, it has still struggled to reall find its place in the market. These updates are unlikely to help it do that.