Joss Whedon’s FireFly Comic-Con reunion

It was a long, hard road for Joss Whedon before The Avengers, but there’s no doubt he’s had the last laugh.

Yes, Whedon fled to television with Buffy the Vampire Slayer because he couldn’t get any of his movie scripts made, and now he’s got the #3 movie of all time.

Whedon also had a rough go of it with Firefly, his acclaimed sci-fi show, that had everything going for it except an audience (although like Blade Runner it eventually became a cult classic). Then when the big screen version got made, again it got great reviews, people figured the world would finally catch up to the show, and still no one went.


So now that Whedon is on top of the world, he’s going to return to the land of the geeks triumphant, with a Firefly panel at Comic-Con.

As The Hollywood Reporter and Collider remind us, it’s the 10th anniversary of Firefly, and Whedon will be onboard for the panel at Comic-Con this year, along with cast members Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, and Michael Fairman.


The panel will be held on July 13th at 7:15 PM Pacific Time, and the it’s being hosted by the Science Channel. Apparently it’s gained a following from the repeats playing on The Science Channel, and who knows, maybe one day Firefly will become this generation’s Star Trek, which also grew a loyal following after its initial run on NBC. 

And again, riding on the triumph of The Avengers, it should be a great homecoming for Whedon to look back on his sci-fi show that’s long gone, but certainly not forgotten.