50 missions for first season of Halo 4: Spartan Ops

Few video games on the Xbox 360 are as popular and generate as much interest as Halo.

The epic science fiction franchise has been around for many years, yet each new installment is greeted with plenty of enthusiasm. And there is certainly plenty of excitement to go around this year, as gamers eagerly await the return of the Master Chef in Halo 4.

Fortunately, we’ve managed to glean a few details about the long-awaited Halo 4 over the past few months, such as the title’s November 4th release date – just in time for the holiday season. Another important tidbit? Halo 4 will be hitting the current-gen Xbox 360, rather than the highly anticipated Xbox 720.

Recently, our first tease of Halo 4 game play footage surfaced, bizarrely, via a YouTube video ostensibly showing clips recorded on an old-school VHS tape. This is indeed a very strange clip, and you can watch the footage below if you missed it the first time around.

New details about Halo 4 recently surfaced via Microsoft ExpertZone, a website used by Redmond to teach retailers about various MS products. Apparently, the game will have 10 new weapons and two additional vehicles – which means Banshee and Warthog are likely returning.

The game will also include multiple player options with “improved support to create, organize, and track groups,” as well as a recent report claiming the first season of Spartan Ops, Halo 4’s episodic content, will have five missions per week across a 10 week period. Meaning, there will be 50 missions that users can play alone or cooperatively with another gamer. Considering it’s free content, an additional 12 hours of free play is a heck of a deal.