Official YouTube app lands for Sony PS Vita

If you’re a gamer who picked up the PS Vita when the portable game console first launched, you probably noticed the integrated web browser left something to be desired.

One key item s missing from the integrated browser? Support for Adobe Flash. Yes, some websites such as YouTube support HTML5, but watching YouTube videos in a standard browser wasn’t exactly ideal for many Vita owners.

Sony has long promised an official YouTube app for the PS Vita, and that day has finally come.

Yes, Vita owners can now download Sony’s official YouTube app for the popular handheld console.

Now, some may be concerned that Sony would throw AT&T a bone by limiting streaming video from YouTube over 3G. So you’ll be happy to learn that you can indeed watch streaming video via the integrated AT&T 3G connection at up to 720p resolution.

The official application boasts multiple features, including recommended videos and the ability to search videos by keyword. It can also display the most recent videos you’ve watched in the viewing history, while showing a list of videos to add to your favorites.

The app offers two viewing modes with full-screen and small screen. In full-screen viewing mode, a control panel is displayed, allowing users to expand or minimize the video. The app also has a HD button to toggle between standard or high-definition resolutions.

When viewed in small-screen mode, users can watch a video and access to the like or dislike buttons, suggested videos, comments, and information. The videos should look good on the PS Vita’s 5-inch OLED screen.