The Game of Thrones head has been replaced

We know this controversy should flame out pretty soon, but in the meantime its certainly no surprise that people were outraged over George W. Bush’s head on a stick on Game of Thrones. 

A pretty nice sized uproar built, and then it was swiftly removed, which  can be done relatively easily in our digital age. Still, it was probably a fairly costly procedure.

In fact, that would probably be an interesting idea for a story in itself – exactly how much did it cost to get the head replaced? 

As we reported previously on TG, there was recently a slew of threats and demands about the removal of the Mike Tyson tattoo from The Hangover Part Two, but those thankfully got squelched pretty quickly. Seriously, imagine having to recall all those film prints and DVDs just because of Mike Tyson. 

And apparently, as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, the Game of Thrones head got a nice face lift, with a smaller nose and chin. In fact, when you look at the head now, the shot is really fuzzy and you can’t tell what the face really looks like. (Looks kinda like a gumball with hair to me.)

As we noted above, the whole uproar caused serious outrage at HBO, which apologized for the Bush head, calling it “unacceptable, disrespectful and in very bad taste,” and even some in liberal Hollywood were offended. “Actress Slams Beheaded Bush,” read the headline on Fox News, and Camryn Manheim called the former President’s head on a stick “despicable.”


The show’s creators, David Benioff and DB Weiss, said they just used whatever head was available, and I guess at some make-up place they had a George W Bush head laying around just ready to be used for God knows what. Certainly after this they’ll choose their severed heads more carefully in the future…