Black Dynamite detonating on Adult Swim

As a lover of B movies, drive-in and grindhouse flicks, I thought the comedy Black Dynamite was really a hoot.

Like the equally hilarious I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Black Dynamite satirized the blaxploitation films of the 70’s like Shaft, Coffy, Dolemite, and Foxy Brown, just to name a few.

What made Black Dynamite especially funny was it got a lot of the nuances of the blaxploitation genre just right, but you also didn’t have to be familiar with the movies Black Dynamite parodied to get the joke. While the film wasn’t a ginormous hit, it has spawned an animated series, which Collider tells us will be playing on the Adult Swim time slot of Cartoon network.


Since the humor of Black Dynamite was very broad, continuing the saga as a cartoon series makes sense. There was also some fun animation in the credits sequence of the Black Dynamite film, and if it continues in that vein, and can be as wild and profane as adult animation is allowed to be these days, it could be a great show. Also from what I’ve seen so far, it could potentially make a cool video game as well.


The Black Dynamite cartoon will premiere on July 15 at 11:30 pm ET/ PT. Judging by the graphics and art I’ve seen from the show already, it looks like this cartoon could be a great continuation of the Black Dynamite character.

As the site reports after watching a one minute trailer, “it contains more awesomeness in 60 seconds than most cartoons have in their entire runs. July 15 can’t come soon enough.”