Blizzard clarifies new user restrictions for Diablo III

Blizzard has finally put all the woes centering on the rocky launch of Diablo III behind it.

Despite a relatively rocky launch, including server problems and alleged security issues, Diablo III still managed to break records and put a PC title at the top of the most popular games chart the first time in a long time.

As you probably already know, Diablo is available as both a digital download and  physical retail copy.

Blizzard recently took some time to talk about its review process which focuses on new buyers who purchase a digital copy of the game.

The explanation was given just days after Blizzard led some gamers to believe they would be stuck in the Starter Edition of the title until the new buyer review was complete. However, Blizzard is now clarifying that new users will simply be limited in what they can do until the review is complete.

The download game limitations last for three days after purchasing the game. And yes, a new buyer is subject to some annoying restrictions, such as not being allowed to access public games or auction houses until verified.

Those aren’t all the restrictions, either. In addition, new buyers – without verification – aren’t permitted to trade items or drop items for other players to receive. Those who lack verification are also banned from chatting in any public or game channels. So essentially, until digital purchasers are verified, players won’t be able to attach a custom message to friend requests – but they will be able to send and accept friend requests and play the game with friends. As noted above, global play isn’t available until the review process is complete.

I suspect a lot gamers are going to have a major problem with this. The thought of purchasing this game and not being allowed to play it “full-on” for up to three days is ridiculous. If I pay for a video game, I expect to be able to play immediately, and I’m sure most gamers probably feel the same way.