Will Wii U be best platform for Black Ops 2?

Nintendo wants you to think of two syllables when the next Call of Duty game drops – Wii U.

Can you imagine a world where the best experience for the newest Call of Duty game exists on a Nintendo console?

It may be possible that such a world exists after the Wii U is released, making it the most current console on the market, surpassing the Xbox 360 and PS3 in its timeliness and relevance. At least, that’s what Nintendo is saying.

“You can imagine how a game like Call of Duty would work on the Wii U–the GamePad will allow you to declutter the TV and pull gaming items like maps down and not interrupt your interaction and enjoy the cinematic quality of the game on the TV,” said Nintendo of America executive VP Scott Moffitt in a recent interview.

He did not confirm that Black Ops II was in development for Wii U, but rumors have suggested that it is.

“The experience of playing these titles on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are relatively similar; what we showed is how you can reimagine game elements like maps and scanning features and bring them to life on the GamePad and make it a completely different experience to what it was on competing systems… The Wii U could become the preferred way to play those games for some of the core gamers,” Moffitt said.

There’s no doubt that the Wii U will offer a differentiating quality, but just like motion controls, the question is how long it will be before the competition ups the ante.