Microsoft teases Xbox Live rewards program

You might soon be rewarded for racking up those achievements in your Xbox 360 games.

Microsoft has hinted that there could soon be a new system in place which gives players special offers or content based on their Gamerscore level.

Gamerscore values are pumped up by earning Achievements, virtual gold stars that players receive when they accomplish various in-game tasks. These range from basic things like completing a level, to very obscure side quests and high score milestones that are meant to be granted to only the most hardcore players.

The software giant alluded to the rewards program via Twitter, where it boasted about hitting 50,000 followers.

The company wrote, “We’ve hit 50,000 followers, which means it’s time for an announcement! Coming Fall: a new way to earn Rewards based on your Achievements!”

Microsoft has previously toyed with this idea. It had a pilot program for awarding gamers with digital goodies if they managed to bump up their Gamerscore within a promotional period of time.

However, it was more of a one-time deal as opposed to a legitimate rewards/loyalty program so it likely doesn’t relate to this upcoming announcement.

Sony also tried something like this with the PS3 and its online Playstation Network service. A very short-lived rewards program offered prizes including digital content and even physical goods like t-shirts, to users who were highly active within the PS3’s online service.

But that program was only ever rolled out to a hand-picked group of users, only lasted a matter of months, and was never offered to the entire PS3 user base.

No further details about Microsoft’s new rewards program were revealed.