Video: The conflicts of Civilization V – Gods & Kings

The first expansion pack for Civilization V has gone live. Gods & Kings is now available for Windows and Mac gamers in North America, while the expansion pack is slated to launch internationally on June 22.

As TG Daily previously reported, Gods & Kings promises to bring new experiences to the classic franchise, from the founding of the first Pantheon for pagan gods to spreading the major religion of your choice across the world.

“We can’t wait for fans to get started on their quest to achieve world domination in all-new ways with Civilization V: Gods & Kings,” said Sid Meier. “Gods & Kings is one of the best expansions we’ve ever created, delivering countless hours of new gameplay experiences for Civ players around the world.”

Civ developers promise the expansion pack will allow players to engage in exciting global rivalry and master advanced systems for land and naval combat. There are also nine new civilizations – each with a new leader – along with nine new wonders, three original scenarios, and dozens of fresh units, buildings, technology and resources.

Each of the nine new civilizations brings its own unique traits, units, buildings, and leaders to the franchise. The new game scenarios also allows players to experience the medieval period, the fall of Rome, and Empires of the Smoky Skies, which is actually a Victorian steam punk scenario.

As implied by the title – Gods & Kings – religion is a major focus of the expansion pack, along with proselytizing, world domination, diplomacy and espionage. Players can also choose between two new city state types, including mercantile and religious.