Laughing at the detectives

The world of crime fighters is often rife for comedy, going all the way back to The Keystone Cops, and we’ve also seen a lot of unintentional hilarity with my all time favorite reality show Cops. 

With Sledge Hammer, the show was a goof on Dirty Harry style cops who loved their guns, and Sledge slept with his on the pillow next to him.

Sledge Hammer is still a funny show today, and I was very pleased to see that the creator of Sledge Hammer, Alan Spencer, is back with a new show, Bullet in the Face, which will debut in August on IFC.

According to Cinema Blend, the show stars Max Williams, Jeil Napier, Jessica Steen and Kate Kelton, and has guest appearances from Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts as villains.

You probably also recall how the creators of Airplane had another successful franchsie with the Naked Gun series, which was originally was Police Squad on television. Strangely enough, Police Squad, didn’t take off as a TV show, and was cancelled after several episodes, but it became a big hit with the three Naked Gun movies.

As Cinema Blend tells us, the show is about a former jewel thief who has to cooperate with the police to help bring down bad guys. Watching the teaser trailer for the show, Cinema Blend says, “It looks like this going to be an over the top bit of irreverent, hyper-violent, scene chewing fun.”

Like Airplane, the adventures of Lt. Frank Drebin had wall to wall jokes, and my favorite part of the show were the end credits. Instead of freeze framing, everyone in the cast would hold just still, but then something would happen, like the roof collapsing, and the cast would still have to stand there frozen – even with stucco and debris raining on their heads.