Life-size Game of Thrones throne for sale

We know Game of Thrones is one popular show right now, but what fan is fanatic enough to buy a life-sized throne from the series?

And you thought Trekkies were nuts. Then again, if ya gotta have it, ya gotta have it…


Actually, it would be pretty cool to watch Game of Thrones from a real life throne, or just sit by the window in it, observing your domain. Then again, the throne doesn’t look that comfortable to sit in. Personally, I think I’d rather have the Tony Montana chair Al Pacino sat in for Scarface with the TM logo on the back, and you can probably get one of those much cheaper.


How much is a throne replica from Game of Thrones going for? As Collider tells us, take a deep breath, $30,000, with a $1,800 shipping charge. Yikes! But again, you get one of these in your place, there’s no question who’s king of the castle.


And clearly a lot of hard work goes into these. It’s hand finished and hand painted – made of fiberglass with fire rated resin, and weighs fifty pounds. As we know from the show, the throne is made from a thousand swords taken from the king’s enemies, and it took fifty-nine days to create it. Being that it’s constructed from swords, it’s got a lot of sharp edges, so you figure, or hope, this replica isn’t as painful to run into or lean on that a throne really made of stainless steel.


As Collider also informs us, the throne is 7’2 tall, with a depth of 5’11 and a width of 5’5. If you’ve got the bucks, where can you buy one? Well, the HBO store of course, where it will ship to you within 6-8 weeks when you order. 

The HBO store also tells us the $1,800 surcharge “includes ground shipping, insurance and white glove service delivery to your home.”

The Throne is “custom produced,” which assumedly means it’s made to order, and there’s probably not a factory full of these things ready to go. And also remember, “NO cancellation requests will be accepted and sales are FINAL as this is a custom piece.” Operators are standing by…