The vampires of Skyrim Dawnguard

A typical expansion pack or DLC offers a number of new maps, levels and characters. But the immersive world of Skyrim is clearly leagues ahead of most games.

So it comes as little surprise that Bethesda’s Dawnguard expansion pack is chock full of sweet, fresh digital content, providing up to 20 hours of gameplay.  

Yes, Dawnguard will offer players a new main quest with two different tracks including one – for Vampire Lord and one for Dawnguard. No matter which story track the player chooses, the paths will converge at certain points and then diverge yet again.

“Whatever the Macguffin is,” Todd Howard told Kotaku, “both sides come together around that point, and then it diverges afterwards.”

The folks over at Kotaku also spent some quality time playing a demo of the Vampire Lord track, helping a female vampire find her mother who had fled to a plane of Oblivion known as Soul Cairn. The female vampire lives in a location that was previously inaccessible in the game – the far northwest corner of the map near Icewater Jetty.

The area of Soul Carin itself is said to be quite large with multiple fortresses and castles, with a plot involving an Elder Scroll.

Vampire Lord abilities include a spell for raising the dead, summoning a gargoyle, vampiric grip, and vampiric sight. Vampire Lord also bosts its own skill tree, with abilities centered on regenerating health and stamina as well as drinking blood.

Dawnguard is slated to launch on June 26 as an Xbox 360 exclusive. There is no indication of when it will be available for the PS3 and Windows PCs.