Justice League movie inches forward

Some time ago there was a Justice League movie in the works at Warner Brothers that George Miller (The Road Warrior, Happy Feet) was going to direct.

As The Avengers just proved, bringing a bunch of superheroes together is a great idea, I mean we all loved Superfriends on TV growing up, right? Unfortunately, like many projects, Justice League wound up in the major studio quagmire known as development hell.

Until now that is. You almost could have predicted this one, especially with the current Avenger box office hot streak. And as Variety tells us, while The Avengers was shooting, Warners was working on getting Justice League back on track, and now Will Beall, who wrote the upcoming Gangster Squad, will be writing the script. 

Beall is also currently writing scripts for a reboot of Lethal Weapon, and the Logan’s Run remake, which  stars Ryan Gosling, and will be directed by Nicolas Winding Frefn, who helmed Gosling in Drive.


It wasn’t that long ago that Warners tried to get the first (Miller) incarnation of Justice League off the ground, with Adam Brody playing the Flash, Megan Gale playing Wonder Woman, and Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger) as Batman. This particular incarnation of Justice League fell apart in January 2008, with writer Jeff Sneider informing us the studio couldn’t get enough tax breaks on the film, and the script needed work that couldn’t be done because of the Writers Strike. (The first Justice League script was actually written by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, who also penned Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows).


Again, you had a feeling this was going to come together with the wild success of the Avengers, and it will certainly be interesting to see how a movie with Superman, Batman, The Green Lanter, Wonder Woman, The Flash, all come together. As Collider tells us, along with Justice League, there’s also plans in the works for The Flash to get his own movie, and a Wonder Woman film, which has been in development at Warner Brothers forever.


With The Avengers, you had the enthusiasm of Joss Whedon going for it, especially considering he finally had the opportunity to do a comic movie his way. Justice League is also definitely going to need the right cast, screenplay, and director chemistry to bring it all together and make it all work.