Onlive announces LG TV partnership

Cloud gaming service Onlive will be integrated into a new line of LG television sets.

Such was the announcement from the company at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Onlive has had a presence at the show for years now, but this announcement could bring the service to millions of new users who might not otherwise have ever heard of the company.

The news is that the upcoming line of LG Smart TV with Google TV sets will come pre-loaded with an Onlive app.

This app will lets users play games from more than 60 publishers, including some of the most famous and renowned game makers.

The connection between Google TV and Onlive made its way through the grapevine last year, but this is the first time we’re seeing something materialize from that.

What’s even more interesting is that because LG’s upcoming Google TV products will be able to support 3D output, users will have a selection of full 3D titles to choose from among their digital offerings.

“OnLive continues to pioneer exciting new experiences that are instantly and easily accessible for everyone. OnLive cloud technology is the future, and we are thrilled to continue to bring its unique capabilities to light to a broader audience,” said company founder and CEO Steve Perlman.