Running the Dark Knight marathon

AMC will be screening a mega-Dark Knight Marathon right before the release of Rises on July 20. 

I had a feeling something like this was coming after the Marvel movie marathon did so well, and you just know there is probably also a Dark Knight box set plan in the works just like there are for The Avengers.

And as we recently reported, there is also a big, insane Avengers box set on its way which will have The Avengers Blu-ray along with Captain America, Iron Man I and II, and The Incredible Hulk – all priced at a cool $153 with a September 25 release date.

Thankfully, there’s only three Dark Knight flicks, so the caped crusader box set should be cheaper when it’s ready. 

In any case, tickets for The Dark Knight marathon will go on sale June 11 at 12 pm EST (for a July 19 showing), and it will definitely be interesting to see how fast tickets move for it. And just like The Avengers, it’s going to play right before The Dark Knight Rises goes live at midnight.


Checking with AMC, Collider confirmed the running time of The Dark Knight Rises will be 2 hours and 45 minutes, which as the site tells us, “You’re probably looking at eight hours of Batman that ends around 8 am. That sounds as exhausting as it does heavenly.” In comparison, Batman Begins was 140 minutes, and The Dark Knight ran 152 minutes.


This probably makes The Dark Knight Rises the longest superhero film, and I’ll be curious to see if this will be like the first two Godfather films, where it’s a case of “I could have sat through another hour of that,” or a case of, “Could have been shorter.” Interesting enough, there’s no plans announced so far about doing anything with the first four Batman films, and perhaps its best that each phase of Batman remain separate entities.


Like watching a Star Wars marathon, it would certainly be interesting to compare the Tim Burton / Joel Schumacher day-glo Batmans to the new ones, and Batman and Robin should certainly make you appreciate the new caped crusaders more than ever, not that I recommend suffering through it again. It also makes me think of when Neil Young was putting his archives together. He didn’t want to just include all the great stuff, but a lot of crap as well, because he figured it would make the great stuff even better.