Video: Fahrradi Faralla FFX, the sexiest pedal car ever made

The Fahrradi Faralla FFX looks like it hails from Italy.

However, underneath the sexy bodywork, which seems like a mashup between a Ferrari Enzo and 458 Italia, the Fahrradi Faralla FFX actually has more in common with the Flintstones.

Yes, the Fahrradi Faralla FFX is the sleekest and sexiest pedal car ever made. The vehicle was created by a group of Austrian artists in an attempt to design an exotic sports “car” which is actually powered by bicycle parts.

The car is equipped with two seats mounted in front of the expected pedals – and boasts a prancing pony statue as a tribute of sorts to its Ferrari-esq design.

The Fahrradi Faralla FFX is street legal in Austria, with gull wing doors that move up and down. According to the engineers, the doors are meant to mimic a butterfly, as they lift the vehicle off the ground slightly and help ventilate the interior. Since the pedal-powered supercar is street legal, the builders used 200 ultra-Brite LEDs for illumination at night.

The video of the car in action is certainly tongue-in-cheek. I can’t decide if it  actually has motor sound effects, or if the person shooting video with the camera was just making car noises with their mouth. I think the only way this pedal-powered supercar could be quick is if you push it down a really steep hill with Lance Armstrong pedaling. If you’re in Linz, Austria the vehicle is on display as part of the exhibit called “Car Culture: The Car as Sculpture” at the Lentos Museum of Art until July 4.