Fraggle Rock to return

We recently reported that Paul Fusco, creator of ALF, is hoping to bring back his salty puppet for another round.

The news has been greeted very warmly by fans of the show, and apparently around the web fans are equally ecstatic about the return of another puppet treasure, Fraggle Rock.

As you may recall, Fraggle Rock was Jim Henson’s eighties kids show, and it was his way of reinventing himself along with the famed Muppets. Clearly, the late Henson left a wonderful legacy of magic behind for kids of all ages, whether it’s the Muppets, Sesame Street, his under-rated fantasy The Dark Crystal, and more. For many kids growing up in the eighties, Fraggle Rock is a show they still hold dear in their memories, but can it work without Henson’s magic?


Yes, it’s great that The Muppets are still going strong, with Jim’s son Brian keeping his father’s legacy alive, but for me there’s something missing because even though he had a crack team of talented puppeteers, Henson was absolutely the heart and soul of it all. (Henson was only 53 when he passed away, and there is simply no telling what he’d be coming up with if he was still around).


Still, there’s plenty of good will left for the Fraggles, and as Collider and Cinema Blend report, the writing team behind Rango, Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian, will be penning the script for a Fraggle feature to be made by New Regency. Clearly, Collider is very happy with the news, stating, “For once I’m thrilled that Hollywood is mining my childhood.”


It certainly makes sense that this could be going forward now because the new Muppets movie hit theaters last year was a hit, and there’s always big potential to make a lot of money with a family film because kids can’t get to the theater without their folks takin’ ‘em. This could also be a fun nostalgic trip for parents who grew up with Fraggle Rock on HBO in the eighties.