Sony to open E3 press conference doors to the masses

If you don’t work in video game journalism, you can still go to the Sony pre-E3 press conference.

For the first time ever, people who are not part of the video game industry will be able to literally walk up to the event venue where Sony’s pre-E3 media extravaganza is taking place and get their own spot for the presentation.

That is, if they happen to be one of the first 200 people to show up to said venue. Sony wants to ensure it has a cheering section.

Details of the unconventional move have been posted on the PlayStation Blog. It calls for PlayStation fans to be at the LA Sports Arena no later than 3:30.

Sony says that those gaining entry will “be helping us out with our pre-show festivities” but did not elaborate on exactly what that means. Sony plans on having free food and drinks for the media before the press conference begins.

In the past, non-media personnel have been able to get into the E3 press conferences, but historically this required such attendees to be affiliated with a corporate business partner or have won a contest of some sort.

The LA Sports Arena is a huge place, though, and there is ample room for all members of the press and plenty more guests. So, is it true to say the more the merrier?

Those who don’t live in downtown Los Angeles can still stream the press conference live on Sony’s website or on the PS3. It will also be televised.