More top secret sci-fi films in the works

We write a lot about movie secrets, especially in the of the Internet where it’s practically impossible to keep the plot of a movie under wraps. 

And with filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams making an art out of keeping secrets, movies these days make it a selling point, building huge anticipation long before the audience ever sees the film.

So the news hits that there’s another JJ Abrams movie in the works, and big surprise, everything is top secret on it.

In fact, Cinema Blend is calling the enigmatic film a “super secret project” that’s been sold to Paramount.

Even the title hasn’t been revealed, and what little information anyone can gather is that it’s a screenplay by two up and comers that was brought to Paramount via Abrams’s company, Bad Robot, and will be a low budget film.

Reports tell us this could be a “contained” film, which could mean it’s shot on one location, like how Reservoir Dogs mostly takes place in one room, and it is a sci-fi film apparently. Then again, “contained” can actually mean quite a lot of things.

Perhaps taking a page from Abrams, Warner Brothers also announced that David Koepp, screenwriter of Jurassic Park, the first Spider-Man flick, and Angels and Demons, is also working on a top-secret sci-fi flick.

We do know the title, The Wind, and Collider tells us a commercials director, Nic Mathieu, is making his feature debut, and he is supposedly a master of CGI effects. Collider also repors the film takes place in a space colony, and that’s about all we’ll know for a while.

Will all the clandestine activity and secrets really pay off, or is this movie going to be much ado about nothing? Unfortunately, only a few people really seem to know so far, and they aren’t talking, at least, not yet.