Why there will never be a GNR reunion

Slash has a new solo album out, Apocalyptic Love, which means of course he’s forced deal with the same question he’ll be asked for the rest of his life: will a GNR reunion ever happen?

As much as he tries to swat this away, and as impossible as that reality is, for some reason people keep asking about it, but if you were in Guns ‘N Roses yourself, you wouldn’t want to do a reunion in a million years either.


Howard Stern asked him about it, and Slash flatly said he just wasn’t interested. “It’s just not gonna happen,” he said. “It’s not worth it.” 

Of course, Howard also mentioned Van Halen’s (mostly) back together again too, but as we’ve reported here on TG, even that act has hit a snag with thirty shows being cancelled due to “exhaustion,” even though the tour hasn’t gone that long. (No official word on what’s really going on as to whether it is the band recharging their batteries, or if it’s really the band’s fighting like cats and dogs again, as Rolling Stone reports).


Slash told Piers Morgan that no amount of money could bring the band back together again. “I don’t think it’s a matter of that; it really isn’t. I think you’ve got a situation where nobody involved wants to revisit. It’s not just me – it’s the whole band. And so I don’t think there’s a price tag that anybody’s put in front of us that’s going to make that work.”

As Axl lectured in a statement when the reunion didn’t happen at the R&R Hall of Fame, “Time to move on. Life doesn’t owe you your own personal happy ending especially at another’s, or in this case several others’, expense.”

Also sure enough, as reported on Blabbermouth, Axl’s up to his usual bullsh*t, showing up two hours late to a gig in Liverpool, then pitching a fit when the audience threw cups at him in disgust, and threatening to walk off.


One of the current “GNR” guitarists, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, also mentioned in a tweet that he didn’t “decide when the shows start- when you’re waiting, so am I.” He also mentioned something about fans “trying to find a way home after public transportation has been shut down,” because one handicapped fan had to leave the show two songs in so he wouldn’t miss his train home, thanks to Axl going on two hours late. (We can only imagine what kind of heavy handed lecture Axl probably gave Thal for speaking out of turn like that.) The disabled fan was also quoted on Blabbermouth as saying, “If I could have got up on stage, I would have ran him over in my mobility scooter, I was so upset.”


As Slash points out time and time again, he left the band in ’96, he hasn’t spoken to Axl since, and he’s been doing his own thing since. Whether he ever gets big success or not, it’s doubtful he cares. He’s playing guitar, touring the world, and having a good time. Isn’t that what rock n roll’s supposed to be about in the first place?