Xcom: Enemy Unknown has an unknown launch date

2K Games’s re-imagining of a classic 1994 video game as due out in stores in October.

That was the announcement from the publisher yesterday, but just hours later, parent company Take-Two reported results for its fiscal year, and due to poor performance it said it would have to push back the date.

And not just a little bit. “2K Games now expects to release Xcom, its shooter version of the franchise that is in development at 2K Marin, during fiscal year 2014,” the company said.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown is a new take on the vintage game X-Com: UFO Defense, which centered around the story of an alien invasion and the world’s most elite military organization tasked with saving mankind.

“As we reimagine XCOM, one of our goals is to evolve the experience while recognizing what made X-COM one of the greatest PC games to date,” said 2K Games marketing SVP Sarah Anderson in a statement.

The title is being developed by Firaxis Games, and will use a turn-based combat system where players command a squad of soldiers in battle. The game is being developed for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Although the title will have roots in the legacy X-Com mythos, 2K Games admits that the audience of gamers who will appreciate that is limited, so it will also be a worhwhile adventure for anyone who just appreciates sci-fi strategy games.

“It’s important to create an experience that is appealing to both existing fans and newcomers to the world of XCOM, which is what we’re doing with XCOM: Enemy Unknown,” said Anderson.