Morrison’s comic fest is going FTW

Even if you’ve never been to a ComicCon, you know that it’s the big daddy of geek conventions, with over a hundred thousand people making the trek into San Diego, California every year. 

There’s certainly plenty of other conventions all over the country, and there may be one in the works that’s much smaller, intimate, as well as expensive, that the creator promises will change your life.

Okay, so many people consider comics and superheroes their religion, the way this event is being pitched, it almost sounds like joining a church or a cult. 

This particular event is being launched by Grant Morrison, one of the top comic writers in the field. As his official website tells us, Morrison’s “revisionist Batman book Arkham Asylum (with artist Dave McKeean) has sold over 600,000 copies worldwide, making it the most successful original graphic novel to be published in America.”

Morrison has also written for Superman, Justice Leage, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, New X-Men, Marvel Boy and Fantastic Four.


The new event Morrison’s launching? MorrisonCon. Morrison told the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s not going to be ‘Come here and buy some comics and listen to a few panels. After two days you will be a changed person.” 

This event is scheduled for September 28-30 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Guests include Jim Lee (Justice League), Frank Quietly (All-Star Superman), Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four).


As the Hollywood Reporter notes, this could be the first time a convention is actually built around a comics scribe, “although Morrison is no average writer. The author is known for his mind-bending work that has both redefined well-known characters (New X-Men, Justice League) or offers surreal and philosophical storylines.”


Yet unlike other conventions, this event will only allow 1,000 people to attend, and ticket prices are $767 (!), which includes two nights at the Hard Rock, access to the guests, passes for all the panels and signing, and the after-convention parties. 300 tickets have been sold, and you can also get a two-person packages for $1199.93 (!!). Morrison also told the Reporter the panels won’t be recorded, and they don’t want you to film them with your smartphones.