Blade Runner 2 coalesces

Veteran sci-fi director Ridley Scott is clearly in a reflective mood.

He’s soon to return to the universe of Alien with Prometheus, and he’s also been talking about doing a sequel to Blade Runner, which will likely feature a female protagonist this time around.

Although quite a lot of projects do get announced all the time in Hollywood, it’s actually very difficult to get a movie to the finish line. Yet there are in fact reports that a sequel to Blade Runner is indeed moving forward. 

Deadline reports screenwriter Hampton Fancher is “in talks” as they say in the biz, to work with Scott on the next Blade Runner for Alcon Entertainment, who also told Deadline the film will take place some time ahead of the events of the original film.


Fancher penned the original Blade Runner with David Webb Peoples, and Deadline also notes that Fancher and Scott wanted Blade Runner to be a series, but the original flopped during its initial release thirty years ago. 

Of course, the following for Blade Runner grew enormously in the years after its 1982 release, and if it’s a great movie, fans should certainly welcome a sequel with open arms.


As with Alien, the original Blade Runner is a classic, and it would be a big risk to go back to it with all the fan expectations that come with it, but there’s always the possibility that Ridley could make a triumphant return to the world of Blade Runner again. If there was going to indeed be more Blade Runner films after the 1982 original, there’s definitely some catching up to do for lost time.